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December 27, 2010

5 Christmas Lessons 2010

It was a good a day from me, two children and my wife as we prepared to visit my sister and brothers for Christmas in Kosovo, Mathare. Commuting in can be hectic as most public vehicles  (matatus) opts for long distances as people pay more than usual fares. We are lucky to find one with space for four but they charged us more than the usual fare.

At Kosovo we are well received by my sister and her family. As we settle down, it dawn on us that nobody has camera for this important occasion. The only option we had is to turn to the village photographer for assistance. We are damn wrong as his studio is flooded with customers all waiting to be photographed. From the look of things his business was booming. Each photo costs Ksh. 50/- per copy. A quick count revealed that in one hour he had taken over 80 photos and people were still streaming in. Me and the children gave up and so we decided to go back and enjoy TV and juices made my sisters.  Lesson number one: A camera is a must for capturing wonder moments with family or friends

The time for food came and were served with chicken, chapatti, rice and soup made from tomato. We were seated 15 people in a small room. There was joy and children were playing while balloons are all over. When we were half…a surprise guest appeared. A cousin (Papa) from Mombasa together with his family too was in town and he decided to come and greet my sister. It was such joyous moment for us all since it was seven years ago when I last saw. Immediately plans changed and more food had to be prepared to cater for my cousin and family as he is strict vegetarian no meat of egg. Lesson number two: Cook variety of food to carter for surprise guest and vegetarian too.

Being in a happy mood, we all found ourselves discussing our parents and what they are currently doing. We also talked about our other cousins and their family. We really missed their company. As were discussing one of nephew dashed to bedroom and came holding an old photo album. He started to take us through the photos explaining who he knew in neatly all of them. Unfortunately my cousin was not in any of the photos. Me and my sister we had difficult time to explain. Lesson number three: Family re-unions are important for younger children to know who their family members are As the evening approached we had another round of light food being served. Most children decided not eat but continue playing. At around 6 pm, all the children were assembled for goodbye session between the families. Nearly all the children wanted to remain at my sister’s place. My cousin children decided to spend the night at my sister’s place. It was time to go home and rest. I decided that I will host my cousin and the wife for the night. By the time we were gearing to walk to take matatu, my children were already tired and looked sleepy out of exhaustion because of playing. Lesson number four: It is important to organize own transport and this will save time and reduce inconveniences.

When we arrived at home, it was quite as in a whole building only three families were around. Other people had travelled either upcountry or Mombasa for holiday. We found ourselves discussing holiday destinations in Kenya and how most are expensive. My cousin shared his plan to build a holiday destination in upcountry to be used for weddings and parties during low seasons and for camps during April, August and December. Then my wife asked ‘so you are on your way to Kisumu?’. There was a deep silence in the house. Both my cousin and his wife looked at each other smiling. They said that they were in Nairobi to see the new road and buildings in town. They were purely on holiday in Nairobi to visit and see Thika Road, Building at City Centre, Uhuru Park and City Park. They plan to travel by matatu to Thika town. My wife was surprised that people can come from Mombasa to Nairobi for holiday too.

Lesson number five: Think outside the box when deciding your holiday destination. We are surrounded by many holiday destinations which are less expensive.

Balmer and Maryanne (twins)

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