Greening the Slum

Food is very essential for the survival of all people including those living in the slums. Mathare residents depend on food harvested from the neighbouring locations, outside Nairobi. During the 2007, post election violence many residents went without food. The eruption of violence in parts of Mathare can be blamed on ‘bad’ politics and lack of concrete cohesion between different ethnic groupings. Most upcoming projects within Mathare have focused in initiating projects that seek address good governance and food security. The Cooperazione Internazionale (COOPI) started sack gardening project targeting 1,000 household using six bases while Solidarite is enhancing capacity of local communities in participate in sack gardening.

These projects have led to the greening of the local slum through growing of kale, spinach, pepper and onions in sack. It is now common to find neighbours training each other on how to grow vegetable while at the same time promoting peaceful coexistence between different communities.


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