Mathare Says Yes to International Criminal Court (ICC) Process

A community member signing the petition

It is Sunday morning (16/1/2011) and Ongoza Njia Community Development Centre in Kiamaiko is busy with people streaming into the centre to sign the One Million Signature Campaign Say Yes to ICC petition. This a campaign for all Kenyans who believe in justice to for all the victims of post election violence which happened in 2007. This also include those who say no to culture of impunity.

In 2007, Mathare was one of the places that was rocked by the post election violence (PEV). Two camps for internally displaced persons was established at the Huruma Police Post and another one near the Mathare Chief’s Camp. The scar of violence after election are still fresh among the residents. Some communities now feel more safe living together than before the PEV in 2007. This is why today the resident are signing the petition.

When the international community intervened there was hope that those who caused the violence will be prosecuted according to the law. Unfortunately ordinary Kenyans, members of civil society, social movements such as Bunge la Mwananchi and prominents citizens like Prof. Yash Pal Ghai and John Githongo are concerned with the zeal our politicians have exhibited in wanting to pull out of ICC because some of them have mentioned by ICC Prosecutor, Ocampo.

Henry siging the petition at RYP

Signing the petition at Ongoza Njia Community Development Centre

There the civil social organizations, community based groups and social movement have been called upon seek

support from oridnary citizens. This will be shared with international community to show that the politicians do not have the support of Kenyans.

In Mathare, Reality Tested Youth Programme is coordinating signing of petition in the wider Mathare. Please join in the One Million Campaign…Say Yes to ICC. – Simon


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