Prayer of a Slum Dweller

Our Mayor at City Hall,

your Worship is your other title.

May development reach all the slums,

as is it in City Centre and Lavington,

for we pay taxes,

just like other Kenyans.

Lead us not into uncollected garbage situation,

but provide us with garbage trucks on time,

as it in Karen and Runda.

For there might be disease outbreaks

For the resources,

the power,

and the honour,

are all yours

Until 2012.

— Simon


One Comment to “Prayer of a Slum Dweller”

  1. Simon,
    I love this prayer to the mayor and I am just wondering how we ensure that it has reached him. Possibly a hard copy delivered to his office and witha delivery book fo signing up to make sure that his office confirms the letter was recieved. The other possibility is to find out if any one has his e-mails and you could email him too. As the prayer is not very long, I wonder is sending him an sms of the same will do. You see only God is ominipresent and we know he will always hear our prayers even when they are not delivered in hard copises. For humans and in particular leaders in positions of power we need to ensure that the message gets to them. I have also been wondering if the same message could be send to two Ministers: Public Health and Saniation and Local Governament. I also think this prayer of yours will make a good piece for the Watchman column in the nation or better still have it red in the radio stations.

    I would love to hear more if you try any of these ideas.

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