The Real Mathare

The Hidden people

Inside these houses, people are warm and caring

The big talk about improving housing in Mathare Valley is quite different with the actual situation on the ground. Many projects have been formulated and conceived with sole purpose of ensuring housing as a human rights is recognized and appreciated. Walking through Mathare Valley, one will be touched by over crowding, poverty and sorry state of the toilet and water points.  But what about the people?

I really like the beauty hidden by the houses. Inside these houses one will be met by smiles, joy and laughter beyond expectation. This is a place where people are ready to share with strangers whatever little they have despite poverty.

One will be amazed by determination and ambition of the youths. While the older people have resigned, the younger generation of our people are optimistic. The opportimism stems from the fact that every day people are ready and eager to face daily challenges despite being denied basic needs due to previously bad leadership.

Next time you visit Mathare, share your experience with the world about the people, food, smiles and above all, the beauty. – Simon


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