Evictions in Mathare North (Part 1)

Amose ngoge is the project manager of zingaro percussion self help group which is situated within mathare north area 4. Area specialization is art and craft, dancing and singing of cultural music, Africa musical instruments. The number of members who benefit directly from the organization is 20 members and the members who benefit indirectly 15 members.

The organization was started in the year 1996 with the intention to improve the living standards of the youth’s who had engaged them self in crime within mathare north as a whole. Since then they were occupied in a one eight piece of land within mathare north area 4 without certificate or allotment from the city council when they try looking for the certificate they are being told that they should wait or the application letter is not seen from the department of the city planners department. Amos is claiming that there is impunity with the top official working with city council and the national youth service engineering school which is situated within mathare north area 4. This is because this process of looking for the allotment letter it has taken them 7 years while the rich are being given allotment letters, why not them.

Their request to the government and national youth service is that they should reconsider their stand on demolition because once the Amos ngoge recreation facility is demolished and they are compensated they have nowhere to go which in return will led to unemployment to their members and insecurity to the local people around. –Javin


One Comment to “Evictions in Mathare North (Part 1)”

  1. zingaro percussion group has three directors namely amos ngugi ndabari ,paul mbugi wambogo and moses mbugua wainaina this is to correct the misinformation that amos ngugi is the director of zingaro group thankyou

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