Evictions in Mathare North (Part 2)

Andrew Atweyo is a resident of a small ghetto called jangwani within mathare north area 4 with a population of more than 5,000 people. Andrew as been living in jangwani (jungle) for more than twenty years and the population living within this area survives on less than one dollar per day. They have got poor infrastructure in terms of water and sanitation services; a jerrican of water goes at a price of 5shilings. Poor waste disposal services and poor drainage systems have led to spread of malaria and TB to most of the young children living within that area. Many people have initiated various ways of surviving one them being crime, prostitution and use of drugs which has led to many deaths in the area and vibrant spread of HIV and AIDS is being experienced.

During the announcement of demolition notice which was issued by the national youth service engineering school, Andrew says that he was surprised because he wondering who will be compensated will it be the landlords only or tenants and where will they go because this is where they have been calling home for the last twenty years. Their request to the government and the city council is that they should reconsider their request on demolition issue or not so they are claiming that they will fight for they their rights and what’s belonged to them for the past twenty years.

Most of the people living within this 13 hectare piece of land are divided into two: rich and poor. Most houses are thatched going at around 800 shilling and rest goes around 7000 to 12000 thousand shilling per month as for now the rich have already left and the poor are still remaining with no were to go. Some the people within this piece of land they have go allotment letter from the city council and even claiming that they have been paying revenue to the city council. It all started in the year 1995 when the land was seen vacant most of the investors found productive in terms of business went head buying the land from the city council not knowing what was going to happen after to them. This is impunity/corruption from the government. –Javin


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