The Mathare River


Mathare River

When I look at Mathare River, am astonished by  its ability to unite rich and the poor neighbourhoods such as the Mathare slums. The river is heavily polluted by both the poor and the rich despite its unforeseen importance  to the two neighbourhoods. I dedicate this poem to all the people who live along the river who have resisted temptation to pollute Mathare River.

It starts from a rural setting

In a quite neighborhood

Within a forest

Although, through hidden meandering ways

Flowing through the rich

Then connecting with the poor in Mathare Valley

With force beyond human comprehension

Irrespective of human reasoning

It respects no one

By breaking cultural and ethnic bearers

Through its supernatural powers

It connects human beings

Through its unforeseen force

Despite human pollution

Despite political bickering

And 2007 post election violence

It still united people

Both the oppressed and oppressor

This is the river


That unites the people

— Simon

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4 Comments to “The Mathare River”

  1. didn’t know you were a poet as well.

  2. I am studying the Mathare River and couldn’t put in better words. If rivers could talk, im sure the Mathare River, alongside the other rivers in the Nairobi drainage basin would have a lot to curse for how they are mis-used and mis-managed.

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