Enforcing Eviction


Eviction Notice

Whenever, Joseph Mwinzi sees a bulldozer passing, he thinks of eviction being in the process. He has been displace more than once since he came to Nairobi in the late 80s. The first time he came face to face  with eviction was in 90s when him together with his brother were forced out of their shanties at Muoroto near Machakos Bus Station in the middle of the  night . The second time was was during the post election violence at  Kijiji cha Chawa near Mathare North.

Together with his three children, he was forced to relocate again to Njagwani near the National Youth Service Engineering Institute. While at Muoroto, they were never issued with eviction notice. For him, it was better that they the government issued them with  notice.

However, Joseph believes that they should be given alternative land. He prefers Njagwani since it is close to where he attends clinic for ART treatment.

He is happy that Prof. Yash Ghai and Kituo Cha Sheria are currently engaging the government on the way forward. – Simon


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