Safe Water and Sanitation

Toliet along the Mathare River

Access to safe drinking water is a basic right and all human being are entitled to. In Mathare, there is alot of pollution that goes on which exposes residents to health risk. Bother water pipes and sewer drain ages run parallel to each other. Due to high population burst are common which exposes community to dangers.

This has led to high number of pollution into Mathare river. Solid waste and raw sewer is usually directed at the river. The local mechanism to address the pollution is not strong. Some community based groups such Youth Foundation, River Jump and Juja Road groups have managed to established project to minimize pollution in their community. The groups have managed to start eco-friendly ventures along Mathare river.

In other areas, due to lack of proper toilets connected to the main sewer systems, some residents usually construct washroom along the river ending up draining the raw waste into the river. Iyvonne


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