Eviction: Life Goes On

Children playing with water, broken pipe

Jane Waithera has been a resident of Njagwani for the last five years and now his life about to end. She will be attending court hearing together with other residents to pursue justice against an eviction notice issued by the National Youth Service. When I visited Jane together with her two daughters it was quite allover an indication of both sadness and abandonment. A place that had 5000 residents now has about 1000 people who live in fear of possible being bulldozed at night. Small children are the most affected as they are lonely.

Water is the biggest problem in the area. The broken pipes run close to the open drainage thus exposing residents to possibility of disease outbreak. There are no shops operating for fear of being attacked and minimal customer. Tomorrow I will visit the area at night so that I can see for myself how people are coping.

Jane believes that having Prof. Yash on their side, they stand a chance of winning the case. Where do 5000 people go? That was her last words to me before disappearing to fetch water for her family. – Simon


2 Comments to “Eviction: Life Goes On”

  1. Its sad eviction are still going on. what is the government doing to stop this?

  2. Disappointing decision has taken by National Youth Service which results creating an unsatisfactory critical conditions with full of sadness.So Authority have to take appropriate decision for affected people belonging this particular area and solving all illegal situation.

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