Impact of leadership in Mathare North

Many young people living in mathare north are not involved in governance, but are usually used as tools for decoration by those in leadership

George Omoro, project manager mathare youth development organization, says that bad leadership creates policies that are put in place by the policy makers but do not favour youth empowerment in mathare. These policies hinder youth development as most of them are always working against the expectations of the youth. Kenyan politics is now left for the rich to an extent that the youth who are talented and capable cannot win parliamentary seats. The community’s attitude of relying on MPs is a major challenge to young political aspirants who can’t “untie’’ the constituents (Kasarani)

Some leaders give handouts to youth to fight those who do not support the dominant part. Young people are used by politicians for campaigns, religious leaders for crusades, and after elections, some leaders instructed youths to fight each other on tribal lines. Youth are used in demonstrations, placards, advertisement, billboards, and pimps for the system “youth are a sleeping giant’’

Manipulation of voters by the leaders due to lack of empowerment is a challenge in mathare north since you find out that most people are ignorant of issues, therefore, becoming a major problem when it comes to election because they go by the majority say or decision.

Poor policies are a result of not involving everyone in decision-making, and lack of accountability from the policy makers and political manipulation in making these policies.

When the government invests, the investors come up with their own policies that do not favour the youth at all. There are also some contractors who do not perform to the expectations of the people hence producing shoddy work. This is because of the public not being in apposition of bring the government to task on what they feel it should a priority, especially on important issues like infrastructure development.

— Javin


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