Mother’s Day

Today is mother’s day. It is celebrated all over the world. I would like to celebrate mothers who I encountered on my journey to adulthood. Through their guidance and protection I became who I am today. While some decision they reached sounded harsh to me, all the mothers were generally loving and caring. So I celebrate of the MOTHERS of the world;

My mother, Margaret a woman of great strength. She instilled in me importance of trusting people and making friends.

Joke for being my second mother in life

Mary, she took care of me as small child when my mother was out working. She ensured I was fed on time and kept me away from dangers

Sarah, Sunday school teacher, through her guidance, I was able to memorize 50 Bible verses which connected me with my Creator, God.

Kana, my nursery school teacher in Mathare, she taught me how to write and read. She also introduced me to singing and dancing.

Mrs. Kakia, my primary school teacher for being kind and providing me with social support and introducing me to football

When I did not want to eat, Mama Kagondu was called in to talk me into eating

My sister Mary for kind, loving and caring when my mother was away or busy

My neighbor, Mama Nicholas, for instilling me the value of working hard in life

My childhood female Kizito friend for sharing her lunch when times were low in primary school

Mrs. Mboche for believing in me to teach and educate other youths in Mathare in life skills and HIV/AIDS

Maryanne, for supporting me in my professional development and assisting me establish a strong support for my work as a development worker

These are not all the women but a few who have shaped my life.  I celebrate you all MOTHERS of the world. – Simon


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