Poverty Uniting People

Growing and working in Mathare is one sort of experience that one appreciate as a privilege being a community development worker. Kenya is made up of 42 tribes and very few individuals have managed to mingle with people from these tribes. I believe I am one of the few who has this unique experience meeting all these people.

Mathare has people from different ethnic background who are united by poverty and the urge to survive the hardship experienced on a daily basis. The driving concern amongst the people is how to overcome daily challenges. In Mathare, people are less concerned with who or where they come. It is only after five years that people are reminded about their ethnicity by politician. The result has been political chaos related to elections.

Being together is the main over driving concern. Unity is key to facing poverty challenge. When it comes to sourcing for services and commodities, tribe is not an issue but access is the important thing. Looking at the ethnic diversity found in the slum, one is amazed by the beauty found in Mathare. It is this unity combined with strong desire to overcome poverty that unites people. Unity among the people is key to facing challenges. Why people unite peacefully for five years is what politicians forget in marginalized places like Mathare. – Simon


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