Right to Sanitation-Mathare

Mathare area DO joins in celebrating sanitation with residents

On 28 July 2010 United Nations General Assembly declared, “the right to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation as a human right that is essential for the full enjoyment of life and all human rights.” Kenya being a member of UN I believe Mathare people are too.
Looking at the situation in Mathare, it is sometimes too much to bear for the residents. The government officials are overburden with situation due to lack of equipment and little investment by the local authorities. This has forced youth groups to organize themselves to bridge lack of resources by the government to address water, environment and sanitation challenges in the slum.

Today (11/5/2011), I was part of a team that saw the launching of new type of toilets by Plan Kenya through partnership with local groups such as Community Cleaning Services, Tunaweza Youth Group and MANYGRO from Mathare.
The event was attend by Plan representatives from Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Netherlands, Plan Australia and Kenya office among other countries.

It is now apparent to the resident that the right to clean water and adequate sanitation has to be led by the people and not by government officials. The joy exhibited by the residents during the launch was a demonstration of their determination to make it a reality and an enjoyable right.

Having access to clean water and sanitation is no-longer a matter of health but people appreciating their environment and respecting their surrounding.

The water, environment and sanitation is the next biggest employer in the slums. Nearly all toilets employ more than ten people per toilet. All water points are managed by people who ran them on daily basis. Tunaweza Youth Group in Mashimoni has been able to construct a bio toilet. Through this venture, they have a meeting hall and are in the process of harnessing gas to generate electricity and sell to the community.

The Map Mathare group has been mapping water and sanitation points to establish the real situation. It is through generating information that the community can engage either development partners and government top facilitate more development projects. Mathare team has managed to map nearly all the open drainage in small section. This will help identify points where there broken sewer and water pipes.

Plan Kenya and Plan Australia have managed to help the community achieve their potential to enjoy their to water and sanitation. – Simon


4 Comments to “Right to Sanitation-Mathare”

  1. kudos guy for the good work you are doing,that’s
    the ground truth.

  2. most of parents are forcing their children’s espepecialy girls to involves them selves to sell their body to men as one way of getting money to meet their needs and that is why we are getting new infection of HIV.

  3. Drugs and alcohol is bringing a good number of youth to dust,because of them losing their lives in drugs and alcohol and that is why most of them getting HIV,unplanned pregnancy,and other sexual transmitted diseases.Good number of them are boys so you found that they are involving themselves in criminals activities which Leeds them to lose their lives by police,mob justice,some drop out of school.

  4. M any slum dwellers are facing a big challenge on clean drinking water,because the governmental body have abandoned to a locate funds to initiate those programs for the informal settlements areas to get clean water drinking.Another problem facing most of informal settlement to have fresh air to breath because of the broken sewerage are flowing all over which brings the possibilities of cholera out break to the community,another problem is the place of collecting gab ages so you find that the gab ages are found all over,feces are also scattered everywhere because of lack of enough toilets which can accommodating the whole community.

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