A letter from Mathare to US Ambassdor

Dear United States ambassador to Kenya, Jonathan Scott

I am simple resident of Mathare Valley and may I take this opportunity to welcome you to Kenya on top of being officially acknowledged by our president. Kenya is a land of plenty but enjoyed by a few in the political and ruling class elites. I have read that you once lived and worked in DRC which might mean that you speak some Swahili. Karibu Kenya.

I have watched over the years your predecessor enjoying himself and curving a niche in the Kenyan politics. The current MPs have protested how he is close to the youths in Kenya and his low appetite for corruption.

I am sorry he is leaving without finishing the good job that he had started. I hope you will pick the pieces and continue.

I believe that having lived and worked in Africa, you know how things operate in Africa and hope the you will not disappoint.

My main reason for writing is to inform you that Nairobi has many slums apart from Kibera. Please make it a point of visiting Mathare and Mukuru so that you can see the other side on Nairobi.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely



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