Drugs among the youths in Mathare

There has been the menace among the youths of Mathare which has made them so lazy they don’t want to work and this menace is called Drugs! The drugs include Khat, Bhang (marihuana), cocaine and also muguka – only leaves of Khat.

According to the findings (which I can be seen among Mathare youths) these drugs lead to mental degradation and can make someone impotent.

Our leaders say that we, the youths, are the leaders of tomorrow, and that they should consider the youths as partners and make them as such through initiatives like the “kazi kwa vijana initiative”. This is the initiative which brought to the table by the honorable Raila Odinga and president Kibaki. Unfortunately what makes it fail are often the youths themselves and their drug addiction. I hope that the government will truly incorporate the youths to be good citizens of this country and help the youths fight this drug battle by arresting the drug barons and ban Khat.

I also want to congratulate Map Kibera Trust for bringing this brilliant idea of mapping to the young people of Mathare, thus enabling some of them to be free from drugs and substance abuse and occupying their minds with the honorable goals. Thanks!

Michael Ngugi 


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