Domestic violence

What is domestic violence?

This is usually considered as a fight between a husband and wife. Many marriages end up in breaking up the families, which can sometimes lead to children becoming street children. During the time of domestic violence and even abuse the children tend to drop out of school, and are sometimes even the victims of violence by one or the other parent. Violence can also lead to death of one or both partners, thus leaving the children to become orphans that is why we have so many young children begging on our roads.

Domestic violence in Mathare is mostly considered as a man being violent towards the women but there are other examples also. For example there was an incident where a man was castrated for the second time by his wife (his private parts chopped off).

Thanks to FIDA, an organization which fights for the rights of women, the domestic violence has somewhat reduced. I hope that this initiative and others like it will help prevent cases of domestic violence which are plaguing our homes. May our Almighty God help those families affected by it.

— Michael


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