Reaction to ICC

Before the announcement by the ICC on the fate of six Kenyans who have become famnous worldwide for wrong reason; there was tension allover. The Kenyan government did not take chances with possibility of insecurity. On 12th January 2012, I was in Eldama Ravine and I saw local police rehearsing on how manage a rowdy crowd. This looked good and made me feel safe.

Back in Mathare on the big day that the six guys were to know their fate…it was all system go. At Mathare Chief’s Camp, the local administration was ready to respond to any eventuality. I too went home late as I did not want to take a risk having witnessed 2008 post election violence.

Generally people were calm in Mathare and in some areas people were discussing in low tones. In one of the discussion I listened to, it was clear people could not understand how you could let a police free while report were there about police shooting. On the other hand some people questioned why not all cases were then referred to Kenya since it seems that we have a strong judicial system? – Simon


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