Youth Funding and Agenda 4

When President and Prime Minister signed the National Accord Reconciliation Agreement after the disputed election and violence that followed, one of the  issue that the accord seek to address was among others was poverty, inequality and youth unemployment.

The government has managed to come up with both women and youth fund which according some youth and women is hard to access because of the bureaucracies. However the USAID, through the Yes Youth Can Fund also managed to establish a fund and Nairobi, Coast, Nyanza, Rift Valley, Western became the target of the project focus being the youth. These were some of the regions that were hardest hit by the post election violence.

It is in these target regions that we have started witnessing emergence of deadly gangs and violence. At the Coast we have MRC and infiltration by Al Shabaab elements, Nyanza Marine and Chinese groups, in Central there is re-grouping of Mugiku while in Nairobi there has been frequent skirmishes report along Juja Road and the recent trigger after the blast. If the Yes Youth Can fund was establish to empower the Kenyan youth, then there is a problem may be with how the targeting of youth was carried and implementation of activities geared towards empowerment.

As we approach election, the Yes Youth Can Fund can help the Kenyan youth establish meaningful livelihood structures that will foster socio-economic growth not structures that will destroy our democracy and respect for human rights.

Kenya now is at a stage where the politicians and tribal kingpins will start mobilizing their people for votes. If we have not worked together with our youth to establish viable source of livelihoods then we should expect security nightmare for 2013.

Democracy can only be protected by the ‘shareholders’ (people) who feel protected by the law, have access to generate resources to sustain themselves and community they live in, and tolerate each other devoid of religious, gender, sexual orientation and ethnic bias. Otherwise our youth will be easily influenced by corrupt and blood thirsty politicians and terrorist elements- Simon


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