Moving beyond Limited Access Orders: towards a post-2015 MDG agenda

Questions on MDGs and their achievement - what comes after the MDGs?

This post is written by Shehryar Toru, researcher at SDPI in Pakistan, part of the Southern Voice Initiative. In this post, he challenges how goals and targets are currently designed.

As the deadline of the Millennium Development Goals is fast approaching, progress on several goals has been widely debated. The UN’s Millennium Development Goals Report2013 claims that several development targets have been or will be achieved. However, opponents criticise the over-ambitious targets of the MDGs, and argue that the achievements made should be credited to the export-driven economic growth and industrialisation of countries like India and China.

The progress on MDGs is rather dismal in the context of Pakistan. With the exception of Goal 7, progress on all other indicators is “off-track”, and goals are unlikely to be met by the end of 2015. A national report by the Commonwealth Foundation on A civil society review of progress…

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