This platform is created for all those who would like to share their stories and learn more about Mathare Valley. We will write about general issues, development, education, sports, entertainment and lifestyle. Currently the blog is under review to include more on women voices. The blog is managed by Simon Kokoyo and invites articles from will participants from Mathare and beyond on topical issues affecting informal settlements


4 Comments to “About”

    Nairobi youths are no longer free because of policemen who act like thugs. If you are caught by this people you need to part way with bribe. Its the norm they have practiced and perfected. The youths fear them most because if you don’t give money then you will be a guest of state.

  2. being that the population in mathare slums is growing day by day, the number toilets are less,so that is why of human waste are all over the places,because of this habit the outbreak of cholera is common in slums and especially mathare,so we need to increase the number of toilets to decrease the death rate

  3. I am born and raised in mathare, and what worriess me is those public transport vehicles, are being drove carelessly in ghetto, where there is so many kids, and so much congestion.Please drivers, wherever you are, take care, life is a gift and greatest thing. So watch out, in ghetto.

  4. hello Simon and friends..wow.thumbs up for the good job you are doing. I believe that nature begets nature..and with a chance we are always there to support you all as Kenya.Am looking for some 2Youth Self Help Groups in Mathare..I am collecting data in assessing the Youth livelihoods in Mathare..could you direct me to some that you know?.

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