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February 1, 2011

Attempted Rape by Neighbour (Part 2)

Jane today went to the police station and she was instructed to visit the government doctor at Milimani Police Station so that he can ascertain that there was form of physical injuries. Jane decided to leave her house very early in the morning at around 4.30 am as the doctor has to attend to around 130 people at ago. Therefore Jane was forced to leave the house at 4.30 am so that she can be ready for the doctor’s appointment a by 5 am.  It was a dangerous journey to seek justice since whenever the gate is opened, it the potential rapist who has to come and close. This is what exactly what happened on this day.

By arriving at 5.oo am she managed to be number 45 despite waking up very early in the morning. Jane was unlucky on this day for the doctor sent a message that he won’t be able to make it the following.

Jane encountered another potential rape scenario when she met three thieves at night who nearly attached them but the change brewers intervened and rescued the situation.

How long should gender based violence victims wait for justice when potential rapist are lurking around with the intend to rape?  – Simon

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