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January 28, 2011

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Mathare slum is the second largest slum in the Africa and over half a million population of men, women and children live there. Have you have you ever asked yourself what kind of community driven project exists in Mathare? A communication based project known as Slum TV which was formed by a group of youths assisted by Lucas Pisch and Sam Hopkins from United Kingdom to offer an opportunity for people in Mathare Slums to can express and their views through documenting their day to daily lives activities. The project motto is Slumming it in the World Back Street.

The Slum TV project consist of twenty member both boys and girls. Every Friday they hold their meetings to discuss different issues that affect people living in the slums. After group discussion, the team document and edit the footage.  This is conducted twice a month in the community.  After screening the movies in the community views are collected to asses’ success of each shootage depending on the comments and views received from the community members. Later the footage is compiled into DVDs and distributed for free.


Vinick is a community based journalist and also a footballer

Youth are trained of shooting and editing skills for free by some of the pioneers of the project. They are trained on editing, documenting short movies, producing movies and sound trainings. For further information, visit www.slum –tv .org.  – Vinick Kemuma

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