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January 20, 2011

From Waste to Real Cash


Trash for Cash

Mathare Environmental Youth Group from Mathare is currently engaged in collection of solid waste from the local houses in Mlango Kubwa. The uniqueness of the project is its ability to ‘teach and educate’ community members how to sort the waste solid from the source. It is common to find families storing used plastics so that they can sell at the end of the month to the group. The group in partnership with other self help associations engaged in cleaning the community, has managed to establish a community network to enhance moping up of all plastics for recycling and creating wealth. They not only collect but also add value to it before selling it to the industries dealing with plastics.

Crushing Machine

This machine was acquired with the support of Ford Foundation

According to the founder of the group, Isaac (Kaka) the network (STAKEN) buys the plastics for kshs. 10/-. After crushing the plastics into pellets, they are able to sell it to industries for kshs. 23 per kg. Through this initiative youths have found full time employment while others are engaged in collection of garbage in the community. – Simon

The STAKEN was funded by the Ford Foundation and they were able to acquire the machine to crush the plastics before selling them as pellets to industries. There is high usage of plastic containers in the community and the group is now considering getting machine to make plastics plates, cups and basins and buckets in Mathare and outside. The group has managed to attract the attention of Oxfam who are now in the process of funding. Students as far from United States of America and Canada have also helped STAKEN improve the building and setting up of working organizational structure.

This simple initiate has translated into action and money for the community. Next week out for group from Mathare making soda ash from maize.- Simon

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