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February 9, 2011

Water is life but in Mathare north there is none

Mathare north consists of four areas: 1,2,3,4 with a population of approximately 23,000 thousand.

As from last June there have been water scarcities in Mathare north and its environs due to a road upgrading project along Thika road. Since then the government has constructed extra roads to ease the jam of vehicles travelling on thika road, and along the way destroyed and ‘vandalized’ water pipes which are supplying water to the communities living in and around Mathare north area and its environs. Up to date there has been no communication or assistance made from the relevant ministries or from the Department of water and irrigation and Nairobi water company to assist people living in these areas. Cartels who are using handcarts to distribute water have taken advantage of  the situation and are supplying water to the residents at a price of 70 shillings par jerrican (1 us dollar).

A lot of women and children have become victims of rape and other violente actions like muggings, some have also been killed, by people who have taken advantage of the situation to pray upon people walking on paths, and roads (sometimes at night) which lead to water points.

Most schools within Mathare north also have no water, which in return has led to a wider spread of water born diseases like cholera and typoid and other neusences like bad odor which emits from the school toilets.

Our request to the government and the donor community is: “We need boreholes to be drilled, we need more water reservoirs and water kiosks to be constructed so as to ease the water problem within Mathare north and its environs!”

– – Javin

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